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  • Government’s fully-funded energy advice program, anyone?

    Posted on Oct 19, 2019

    Government’s fully-funded energy advice program, anyone? The government has launched a $11.7 million small business energy program (BEAP) in September 2019 in a bid to battle rising energy costs. Speaking at the launch of the program, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell applauded this initiative. “These small businesses make up more than 97 per cent of businesses in Australia and when it comes to energy consumption, they really feel the pain,” Carnell said. “They are less confident in finding the right information because what is out there is so complex...

  • How to Make the Most Out of the Government Solar Incentives?

    Posted on Aug 14, 2019

    How to Make the Most Out of the Government Solar Incentives? Did you know that commercial solar incentives will decrease by the end of 2019? The deeming period for solar PV systems (less than 100 kW) decreases by one year, every year until 2030. This means the commonly known ‘STC rebates’ will reduce by end of 2019. See here for a reference by the Clean Energy Regulator: Importantly also, the total benefits of commonly known ‘LGC rebates’ that apply to systems larger than 1...

  • Solar Energy as a Service Part 2

    Posted on Jan 15, 2019

    Solar-Energy-as-a-Service Part 2 - Factors to Consider The benefits of Solar-Energy-as-a-Service (SEaaS) are outlined on part 1 of the article and summarised visually below. What are the factors to consider before going ahead with Solar-Energy-as-a-Service? A. The flexibility of the SEaaS agreement as the terms vary between agreements Negotiation with SEaaS provider is important to maximise your benefit. On case-by-case basis, certain provider may be able to accommodate the following: • When the system is being transferred to incoming tenant or next business owner, generous non-payment per...

  • Solar Energy as a Service Part 1

    Posted on Jan 11, 2019

    Why Pay for Solar Panels When You Can Get Solar Energy with No Outlay? [Solar-Energy-as-a-Service] The impact of rising electricity costs goes directly to corporates’ bottom line, and many are claiming they will be unable to continue to operate economically at current electricity prices. What if you can: • Pay a c/ kWh rate about 40% less than the current c/ kWh that you’re paying? • Access solar energy without having to purchase the system? • Fix (hedge) a significant amount your future energy cost without capital investment? • Benefit from a large solar plant without virtually any ri...

  • Solar Won’t Make Much Difference, Will it?

    Posted on Dec 13, 2018

    We Use So Much Electricity and Solar Won’t Make Much Difference, Will it? A number of managers and directors said to us that because they use so much electricity or they have massive loads onsite such as big refrigeration or very large machineries, solar will not help them reduce energy costs much. Some of also said that they need reliable source of energy to power these large critical loads, and therefore cannot rely on solar PV. Are the above myths or facts? The below are things to consider: • The technology has matured and efficiency has improved – In 1950s efficiency of around 6% was ju...

  • How Australian Politics Affect Renewable Energy’s Affordability

    Posted on Nov 23, 2018

    How Australian Politics Affect Renewable Energy’s Affordability It is apparent that energy and climate change issues such as the RET (Renewable Energy Target), National Energy Guarantee and the recent energy price crisis have been critical topics of Australian politics recently. Malcolm Turnbull’s loss of his prime ministership was signified by energy issues. Victorian election in late November 2018 is even being touted by some as an election that will be a referendum on solar and smart energy. The intention of this article is not to dive into political discussions, rather it will highlight a...

  • Cold Contacts - Happy Clients - Good Friends

    Posted on Oct 30, 2018

    What if you can turn cold contacts into happy clients and then into good friends? We were delighted to be invited for a succulent Malaysian lunch by a happy, generous client. So blessed and grateful that our business can: Help the client saves millions of $ Reduce carbon footprint Make new friends Facilitate the client to help 1400 disadvantaged people

  • Breaking News - Solar Incentive (Rebate) Scheme Saved!

    Posted on Oct 26, 2018

    Breaking News - Solar Incentive (Rebate) Scheme Saved! Yes, let's cheer!!! Why? Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) was under threat as there was a push towards the government in Q3 of 2018 to scrap this scheme much earlier than initially planned. This scheme has been benefiting our residential clients all the way to large business clients by allowing the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) with a value that can be redeemed by selling or assigning them. In other words, this scheme has been greatly helping people to reduce the purchase cost of the equipment significan...

  • Free Engineer Gave Short Lecture on Careers & Entrepreneurship in Solar

    Posted on Oct 09, 2018

    Free Engineer Gave Short Lecture on Solar and Careers in Sustainability It was fulfilling for Free Engineer to be invited to speak to bright young students at Trinity College - University of Melbourne. They learned about the renewable energy market and the current state of commercial solar. The future of solar will rely upon creative young people who think big! Why not inspire our young people to make a difference through renewable energy?

  • Did You Miss the Most Important Latest Changes in Commercial Solar?

    Posted on Sep 18, 2018

    Did You Miss the Most Important Latest Changes in Commercial Solar? 2017-2018 most likely marked the biggest boom for solar energy in Australia. A ‘perfect storm’ of rising energy prices, improved technology and cheaper equipment and install prices certainly have been the most significant drivers. What does it mean to your organisation or business? a. Short payback – We have done analysis for our large commercial and industrial clients resulting in close to 2.5 year payback b. Previously, some organisations were not able to assign high priority to energy concerns. The shock of energy price c...

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