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  • a) For Commercial Clients

    We help you understand your energy issues by providing technical & market insights through site assessment & consultations, enabling you to make informed and confident decisions.

    We then connect you with our handpicked trusted suppliers; This process is generally easy and time-efficient as we utilise a streamlined process to reduce the number of meetings you need to attend!

    You won't be on your own. We continue to support you with 3rd-party project advisory services, site visit during install and post-implementation bill review.

    Value proposition

    To ClientsTo Suppliers
    Saves clients time and money; Clients can get a few suppliers competing for their business with just 1 process instead of up to 3 different quoting processes. You wouldn't want to have 3 meetings each with 3 different suppliers for assessment etc, would you? Saves our Suppliers a significant amount of time and money in lead generation and marketing; imagine the amount of cold calls and fruitless meetings avoided because of our process.
    Clients will have trust & confidence when deciding the best solution for each site from vetted and proven suppliers. Suppliers can focus more on what they do best: formulating solutions for clients.
    Clients can easily see the benefits and ROI of projects through our simplified review & advisory process. Saves Suppliers time on generating proposals due to a simple, more uniform format preventing strenuous amounts of custom proposals or tenders
    We help prevent confusion, stress and pressure that can occur from making a decision, given the available support from us, specialist engineers. We can get concise feedback from our Clients and pass that onto our suppliers.
  • b) For Referrers

    What if solar is not applicable to you?
    You can still make a difference and help others save money by investing a couple of minutes of your time with us:

    • you can save your family, friends and business contacts up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the years to come
    • save the environment by taking the equivalent of many cars off the road

    How? Refer them to us and we will take care of the rest

    Refer a friend
If you are a large organisation or an organisation with a large following or customer base, you can leverage to:
  • 1) Have an attractive employee or customer benefit program and improve internal goodwill and workforce loyalty
  • 2) Be a market leader and go beyond the lengths of your competitors by generating practical and significant CO2 reductions
  • 3) Take practical action on corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability
  • 4) Generate positive branding for your business
*subject to assessment by FE

In 2014 Australia's Solar Penetration was at around 22%. Reference:, 29 April 2014

Solar uptake in Australia is apparent, so why don’t we help you leverage on it to help your business instead?
How you might ask?

  • 1. Do you need to invest capital? NO
  • 2. Do you need finance or a big loan to make it happen? NO
  • 3. Do you need large roof space? NO
  • 4. Is it difficult and time consuming to implement? NO

“Contact FE to discuss”

FE have also created a turn-key system to help organisations utilise renewable energy projects to raise funds to empower disadvantaged people within our community

Why be part of Free Engineer’s energy reduction community?
  • Be part of a buying group with more power to negotiate fair and affordable solutions with our installers
  • We monitor our processes which we seek to continuously improve. Our suppliers are more accountable to a buying group such as ours because they will get many projects from us.
  • We provide efficient Go-To-Market Services & prequalified suppliers with solid track records, which means save you time, effort and money, researching the market.

Why shouldn't you get the cheapest solar qoute off the internet?

Did you know that the Clean Energy Regulator in 2015 deemed over 25% of around 2000 installed small-scale renewable energy systems in Australia unsafe or substandard? This is from their statistical inspection for compliance.

Are you aware that there are unapproved solar panels out there which are non-compliant and not eligible for STCs/ rebates?

Whilst our suppliers are very competitive. We never set out on this journey to provide the cheapest option (and hence expensive long term) in the market to you. We choose our suppliers based on quality and capability.

Due to our risk management process and fair competitive environment, as a client you will have the freedom to select the most suitable solution for your home.

Get trusted residential quotes

What Solution

1 Commercial

  • Solar PV
  • Lighting
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonics Mitigation
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Bulk-priced Electricity Supply
  • Bulk-priced Gas Supply

2 Residential

  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Bulk-priced Electricity Supply
  • Bulk-priced Gas Supply

Common Questions

ANS: Because ‘Free Engineer’ runs a smart win-win-win business model where ‘Free Engineer’ provide service to the Clients while helping solution suppliers save money and time in sales and marketing by connecting the 2 parties if it is deemed suitable. The Suppliers then will pay a small amount of fee in exchange for the qualified opportunities and when the project goes ahead.

ANS: This is one main reason why ‘Free Engineer’ exist, to simplify the process such that all you need to invest is generally 1 hour 45 minutes in total to get a detailed understanding of the costs-benefits of the solutions to your business.

ANS: ‘Free Engineer’ fully advocate businesses benefiting from energy reduction solutions. However, ‘Free Engineer’s income mostly rely on connecting qualified clients with qualified solution suppliers instead of project commission at the end of the process. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to risk relationship with the Clients by pressuring the Clients to do something that won’t benefit them

ANS: On the contrary, the suppliers are expected to save sales and marketing money going through ‘Free Engineer’ as explained above. The Suppliers are also aware that they are in competitive situation where you will receive 2-3 proposals.

ANS: There is no financial benefit to favour any particular supplier as the percentage of fees is identical regardless of which supplier you select. The main objective is to match the best supplier for the project and your business.

ANS: There is no financial benefit to favour any particular supplier as the percentage of fees is identical regardless of which supplier you select. The main objective is to match the best supplier for the project and your business.

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