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ANS: Because we run a smart win-win-win business model where we provide services to you whilst helping our suppliers save money and time in sales and marketing. Our Suppliers will then pay a small fee in exchange for the qualified opportunities we give them access to from you and other clients.

ANS: This is one of the main reasons why we exist, to simplify the process such that all you need to invest in is, generally an hour or two in total to get a detailed understanding of the costs and benefits of the solutions to your business.

ANS: We fully advocate businesses benefiting from energy reduction solutions. However, our income mostly relys on connecting qualified clients with qualified solution suppliers instead of project commission at the end of the process. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to risk our relationships with you and other clients to do something that won’t benefit all parties.

ANS: On the contrary, our suppliers are expected to save sales and marketing money going through us as explained above. Our Suppliers are also aware that they are in a competitive situation where you will receive 2-3 proposals.

ANS: There is no financial benefit for us to favour any particular supplier as the percentage of fees is identical regardless of which supplier you select. The main objective is to match the best supplier for your project and your business.

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