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WA 'Empower' Residential Solar or Energy Storage

[Every 4 kW of panels you install through this can provide life-saving food assistance to 20 people for one month^!] - 1.Register your interest (just 9 seconds!) – 2.Our trusted installers will connect with you (only 2-3) – 3.Learn the best solutions from their assessments – 4.One of our engineers will be available to help you decide which solution is the perfect fit – 5.A follow up call/ site visit to make sure everything went smoothly

Available in: Western Australia

Why your phone no & address? To give you best-suited solutions the suppliers need to ask a few questions and satellite-view your roof. We work with only respectful, caring suppliers who value your privacy and needs.

We’ll only connect you with 2-3 trusted suppliers. So you won’t get bombarded by 6-9 pushy/ sleazy sales cowboys (It does happen out there!)

We get paid small % fee by the suppliers (same across suppliers - hence we can be on your side for your best option) because we help great suppliers save expensive sales/ marketing money by connecting them with great qualified clients like you.

Expect to be contacted within 1-2 business days

Please keep record of your email and password as you can log back into this website to monitor the status of your enquiry or stop the process if you want to.

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