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Who Said Manufacturing in Australia is Dying?

One of our recent clients is a highly-specialised family manufacturing business. While we empathise with some Australian manufacturing businesses who are struggling, we're proud that this business has been faithfully servicing major high-profile clients. All of us can be proud that some Australian businesses have world-class standing, especially during the tough COVID-19 times.

Here's a profile of their solar project:

Client: A highly-specialised manufacturing/ engineering business in Victoria

Site: North Victoria

Goal: maximum cost reduction and reduce carbon footprints

Solution: 99kW solar PV system

Features of the Project: This is a complex project requiring good attention to details and utmost listening to the Client's needs. This is because the site was undergoing progressive renovation program that was to be aligned with their production requirements. Furthermore, the system had to be split across different roofs. Being a specialised engineering business, they would never deal with half-cocked solar companies who would have taken technical details not seriously. They have interviewed many solar companies to no avail. The Free Engineer Team is privileged to facilitate and deliver this project with one of our trusted installers.




Posted on Apr 03, 2020

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