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Little Known Available Funds for Your Business through the Local Councils

We’re passing on this little known magnificent news to boost your cashflow for up to 6 months during this economic slowdown and beyond:

Free Engineer, in synergy with SAF (Sustainable Australia Fund), can facilitate Solar Fund and EUA products to help get money into your businesses today, and with a 6 month no repayment period.

EUA (Environmental Upgrade Agreement) is a flexible $0 outlay, positive-cashflow method of utilising solar that can benefit owner-occupiers, tenants and landlords.

This EUA is facilitated by many local Councils in Victoria, NSW and SA.

Cash is King – Always.

The benefits include (more details on the links below):

6 month no repayment period

• Immediate cash benefits

• $0 EUA application fees for applications that are received and settled by 30/06/2020

Finance GST and claim back on BAS statement

Tax credits of up to $45,000 due to the new Instant Asset Write-off if installed by 30/06/2020 [now extended to 31/12/2020!]

Are you open to have a free quick consultation with one of our engineers to see if you are eligible? If yes, please email

Following on from that consultation, we can also probably help you get the landlord’s buy-in.


SAF SolarFund Brochure

Sustainable Australia Fund - MORE CASH TODAY

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

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