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Most businesses are paying at least 40% too much
for electricity without knowing it.
We are independent engineers who help you
save energy costs with or without capital outlay.

Our service is an easy, low-risk way to
increase your profit and stay competitive.

We Research Your Best Solar Deal

For Free*


Contact us with what you want


We help you make energy & solar simple


Our engineers assess & develop the solutions


We find you up to 3 trusted competitive suppliers


You have the final say, with our support


Installation - We support you with site visits


We verify the saving after install

Why Use
Free Engineer?

  • Would you like 3rd-party engineers guiding your energy journey and taking uncertainties out of solar?
  • We helped clients to save up to 24% from other quotes they received!
  • We saved our clients from hundreds of hours of research and confusion
  • We work with Clean Energy Council - accredited installers who installed for major universities, governments, councils, large multinational groups and many beloved homes
  • We go for quality tier 1 equipment
  • You can partner with us & World Vision to save lives through your energy saving project
  • *Free – because we usually get paid by the approved suppliers in exchange for access to qualified opportunities
  • We listen to your needs

Buy or Lease?

If you don't want to invest any $, then we can organise $0 panels that pay themselves off

let us help you decide

Save Up To
60% On Your Power

  • Houses
  • Multi-dwelling
  • Apartment buildings
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  • Factories
  • Small Businesses
  • Cold Storage
  • Food or Beverages
  • Distribution
  • Large Industrials
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  • Offices
  • Not for Profits
  • Multi-national Companies
  • Solar Farms
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Every 4 kW of panels you install through Free Engineer can help provide life saving food assistance to 20 people for one month

How Much Impact Have We Made?


kWh saved pa: 498,965 kWh pa

CO2 displaced: 668.61 tonnes pa (equivalent to 141.4 cars off the road)


Our clients have enabled us to provide life-saving food to suffering people.

Poverty is a thief. It steals children's hopes, dreams and even their future! It makes them feel worthless

and powerless to change their circumstances. But you can change this...We've been priviledged to be able to support

Bridget for over 2 years, see the story here

Get it Done Without The Headaches


Why FE services are free?
What if I am too busy?
Will FE hard sell to me?
Will FE be more expensive?
Is FE not favouring any supplier?
What If I prefer fee-for-service model?
How come FE's standard services are usually for free?
Because Free Engineer runs a smart win-win-win business model where Free Engineer provide service to the Clients while helping solution suppliers save money and time in sales and marketing by connecting the 2 parties if it is deemed suitable. The Suppliers then will pay a small amount of fee in exchange for the qualified opportunities and when the project goes ahead. 100% refundable deposit may apply.
What if I am too busy with day-to-day business to look at energy reduction?
This is one main reason why ‘Free Engineer’ exist, to simplify the process such that all you need to invest is generally 1 hour 45 minutes in total to get a detailed understanding of the costs-benefits of the solutions to your business.
Will ‘Free Engineer’ be doing the hard sell to me so I go ahead with the solution?
‘Free Engineer’ fully advocate businesses benefiting from energy reduction solutions. However, ‘Free Engineer’s income mostly rely on connecting qualified clients with qualified solution suppliers instead of project commission at the end of the process. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to risk relationship with the Clients by pressuring the Clients to do something that won’t benefit them
Are the solutions going to be more expensive if I go through ‘Free Engineer’?
On the contrary, the suppliers are expected to save sales and marketing money going through ‘Free Engineer’ as explained above. The Suppliers are also aware that they are in competitive situation where you will receive 2-3 proposals.
Is ‘Free Engineer’ not favouring any supplier?
There is no financial benefit to favour any particular supplier as the percentage of fees is identical regardless of which supplier you select. The main objective is to match the best supplier for the project and your business. There is no financial benefit to favour any particular supplier as the percentage of fees is identical regardless of which supplier you select. The main objective is to match the best supplier for the project and your business.
What If I prefer fee-for-service or consultancy model?
FE can work with this by eliminating payment from the suppliers. Our fee will be less than typical engineering consultant rates of $300-$400 +/ hour.


30kW solar PV (Melbourne West) - Matt (one of the directors) came to us after receiving multiple quotes that he was unsure about, this is what he said: “Communication from Free Engineer and the recommended installer has been really good from the beginning. The installation and all issues were handled professionally. So it has been a great result for us!”. The client ended up paying 26% less than the initial quote received.



Special lighting project for Go-kart tracks saving about 50% of bills - Chris (General Manager) said: Before meeting the team at Free Engineer (Solar Connect) we had tried many lighting solutions that didn't meet our requirements. After they studied our project they sourced the best solution for our requirements and budget. Eric was great to work with!



150kW & 99kW custom solar PV for a fresh produce business (Melbourne West) - The client ended up paying 21% less than the initial quote received; FE’s process gave them confidence quickly and effectively, hence only took 3 weeks to decide; They were happy with the recommended installer and went ahead with another site.


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